Steller’s Eider, Owls and Woodpeckers Break with Smart Device 4 days



About 2000 Stellar´s Eiders winter in West-Estonian coastal waters. In Early spring they come closer to shore and are easier to see. At the same time woodpeckers, owls and grouses are getting active. Capercaillie, Black Grouse and Hazel Hen are lekking. Owls are breeding and aggressively defend their territories. Woodpeckers are drumming. The best time for sighting all this natural life is at the end of March and first part of April.


What can you see?

  • Hundreds of Steller’s Eiders
  • White-backed, Three-toed, Grey-headed and Black Woodpeckers
  • Ural, Pygmy and Tengmalm’s  Owls
  • Capercaillie, Hazel Grouse and lekking Black Grouse

The Estonian spring always offers some unpredictable (and usually pleasant) surprises. It’s not just birds, either! Estonia has healthy populations of Beaver, Brown Bear, Wolf, Lynch, Otter and Moose.


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What is the self-guided tours with smart device?

This tour takes you to the best birding places in Estonia and helps you to find target species. But instead of  usual guide you have a Smart Device (tablet PC or smart phone) with a geo-location, detailed instructions and internet connection. Smart device based birding tour package is easy to use, no previous experience is needed. This tour is especially suitable for birders who prefer to go birding with their own team and pay less for guiding.


Why to go birding with smart device?

The tour description is composed by Rein Kuresoo, who has guided the birding tours in Estonia since 1988. Rein has been guiding groups of various well-known tourist companies like Naturetrek (GB), KNNV (Holland), Birdingtours, Nationalparktours, Studiosus-Reisen (Germany) and DOF-Travel (Denmark).  In additional we have some keen birders in our team, they enjoy to find particular species like owls and woodpeckers.  Smart Device Birding Tour connects our experience and knowledge. Besides, there are two important advantage:

  • flexibility - you have all necessary information and you can always decide yourself , where and when to go;
  • favorable price - professional birding guide is quite expensive, but here you have knowledge of several guides.



We will:

  • book the hotels,
  • book a rental car,
  • meet you in Tallinn airport,
  • provide you with Samsung Calaxy tab with downloaded tour inside,
  • provide you with the best road atlas of Estonia (Regio) and
  • provide you with printed tour description for you.


Read more about self-guided birdingtours with smart device.


Book a tour with Triin: or by phone: +372 55 55 87 55

Day 1: Arrival (Tallinn)

Arrival to Tallinn, drive to Saaremaa (overnight Loona manor), night drive for owls (Viidumäe)

Day 2: Silma nature reserve near Haapsalu, Nõva landscape reserve, Spithami

Steller’s Eider and other waterfowl – Undva promontory and Uudepanga bay. Drive to the W- Estonia, Matsalu National Park


Day 3: Matsalu National Park

Black Grouse, Woodpeckers and Owls in NW- Estonia


Day 4: Soometsa-Rannametsa nature reserves, Pikla fish ponds

Departure, forest birding (Woodpeckers, Hazel Grouse, Nutcracker) on the road.


Book a tour with Triin: or by phone: +372 55 55 87 55


Book a tour with Triin: or by phone: +372 55 55 87 55

Price for self guided tour with smart device

is 420 Eur per person with group of 2 people. Price includes:

  • 3 nights in local hotels and guesthouses (twin rooms with toilet and shower; breakfasts included),
  • 4 days smart device rent (usually Samsung Calaxy Tab) with tour description,
  • 4 days car rent,
  • Estonian road atlas.


Book a tour with Triin: or by phone: +372 55 55 87 55