Raised bog

About 23% of Estonia is covered with peat land soils and about 8%  is covered with raised bogs.

You can find raised bogs are all over Estonia. Bogs started to develop after the last ice age about 12 0000 years ago. Biggest of them cover 10 000 hectares and the peat layer is 6-8 metres thick. In bogs you can see bog pools what are like small, 2-3 m deep lakes, mineral bog islands with old trees and unique-looking plants.

Bird species who are most often seen in bogs- cranes, great grey shrike and some waders. On bog islands what are difficult to reach, might live Golden eagle or a wolf pack.

We visit bogs on all of our longer bird and mammal watching tours and our self-guided tours will take you also to bogs.  We enjoy the view to the bog- stunted pines and

nice bog pools. In Spring, plants are blooming and in Autumn sphagnum has different colours. Bog is especially beautiful during sunset.